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Reference Number: PPC/A/1013494VN04 <br />SCOTTISH ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION AGENCY <br />POLLUTION PREVENTION AND CONTROL ACT 1999 <br />POLLUTION PREVENTION AND CONTROL (SCOTLAND) REGULATIONS 2012 <br />("THE REGULATIONS") <br />NOTICE OF VARIATION TO PERMIT <br />Permit No: PPC/A/1013494 (As Varied) <br />To: ExxonMobil Chemical Limited <br />Address: ExxonMobil House <br />Ermyn Way <br />Leatherhead <br />Surrey <br />KT22 8UX <br />The Scottish Environment Protection Agency ("SEPA"), in exercise of its powers <br />under Regulation 46 of the Regulations, hereby gives you notice that it has decided, <br />to vary permit PPC/A/1013494 (As Varied) granted under the Regulations The <br />variations are specified in the Schedule to this notice and take effect on 13 JUNE <br />2018 <br />....................................... Date: 13 June 2018 <br />Authorised to sign on heha e <br />Scottish Environment Protection Agency <br />Right of Appeal <br />Under Regulation 58 of the Regulations you are entitled to appeal to the Scottish Ministers against the <br />conditions attached to this Notice, except where SEPA has served this Notice to implement a direction <br />to SEPA of the Scottish Ministers. The bringing of an appeal will not have the effect of suspending the <br />operation of the conditions attached to this Notice. The procedures and timescales for the making of an <br />appeal are set out in Schedule 8 of the Regulations. <br />Scottish Environment Protection Agency <br />